Guy M. Shiir, Esq.

I wanted to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation of the manner in which you and your company handled the delivery and installation of your product on my house. From the first time I spoke with you and you assured me that the product would be delivered to my residence so that I may be ready for the then-concern of Hurricane Ike, to the days that your staff took care to not only install the fabric sheets, but also ensure that they were done so in a manner that was aesthetically pleasing, your company has always acted in a professional and customer -oriented manner.

Being an attorney, I recognize that providing legal services is sometimes only half the battle. The job of customer service is really what sets you apart from other firms. In your case, you went above and beyond all expectations that I could have had as to service by a company, and outperformed and out delivered my greatest expectations.

I was already a fan of your product; now I am a fan of your company. I welcome you to post these comments on your website, and would be more than happy to provide pictures and any testimonials you would like with regards to the manner in which the product is delivered and installed. Hopefully, I will not have an experience wherein I will have to use the product, but I am confident that if it ever happens, I have the best in the industry and it will afford my family the safety, security and convenience of being able to secure my patio and store my outdoor possessions therein, without the necessity of bringing them into my home.

Once again, I cannot thank you enough for the way in which you treated me and took care of me, and will be a loyal customer from now and into the future.Very truly yours,

Muy atentamente,

Guy M. Shir, Esq.

Khan Shir P.L

Abogados Boca

Raton, Florida

Bruce Taylor, LT. Colonel (United States Air Force Retired)

I've spent the last three years designing and constructing a waterfront home in Northwest Florida capable of withstanding a Category IV hurricane.

After months of research, I selected Hurricane Fabric to protect my windows and doors.

AHurricane Fabric was superior to the competition. The fabric was delivered within a few weeks of my order and cut to exact dimensions. On-site placement of the clips allowed me to anchor the screen to the strongest part of the structure. Installation was fast and simple. The cost was also substantially lower.

I've been boarding up homes for the last twenty years to protect against hurricanes. I would need at least two people and the better part of a day to board up this house with panels, but I can deploy Hurricane Fabric screens by myself inside an hour. I've been through a lot of hurricanes. Using these screens effectively buys me an extra day to prepare for the storm.

I can also use my screens as roll-down sun shades during hot summer afternoons. Just add a cleat, a few pulleys, and some nylon line to the installation. My back porch has become an outdoor living room. This is a great product!

I've spent hundreds of research hours designing a house strong enough to withstand a major hurricane. Hurricane Fabric screens are a crucial part of a layered protection envelope and the "best-fit" engineering solution for open areas like porches and lanais. Thanks for delivering the best product at a great price.

Bruce Taylor

Lt. Colonel (United States Air Force Retired)

Friends of the children of Haiti

We just used the fabric panels that you made for us for our clinic in Cyvadier, Haiti.

We were very pleased with the protection that they gave us during the recent Hurricane. Very little water penetrated the panels and the wind noise was considerably lower than expected.

Again, we are very pleased with the protection that was provided by the Hurricane Fabric panels. God bless.

Richard Hammond,

Friends of the Children of Haiti.

(309) 369-2634.


>>We want you to know how pleased we are with every aspect of our AstroGuard installation. We received the product in less than a week of ordering it, and appreciate that each pre-cut piece of AstroGuard was labeled, not only with the name of each window, but also with my measurements.

Because we had no weather threats last summer, each week we found ourselves postponing starting the job, i.e. measuring and screwing on each clip etc...It was really hot out! However, as the New Year rolled in, and the weather was cool, we finally got it all done. You were always "there" for each of my questions, regardless of how weird they were, either by phone or e-mail. I thank you for that, since I am personally a maniac about customer service in my own professional endeavors.

It took installing a couple of windows as "learning tools" after realizing that there is metal flashing at the top corner of each window. After then changing the top corner clips to angles, everything fell into place simply and smoothly. My husband installed two-thirds of the windows one weekend, and the garage and sun-porch the next.

Incidentally, we are in our early 60's and are both below average height. However Mark installed ALONE, and only needed me to hold the longest pieces of fabric a couple of times. Then after taking the enclosed pictures, I removed and packed up the Astroguard, ALONE.
The only advice I would even assume to give to your company is that once the clips are on the fabric, your storage bags are a little small. So I only used one; the rest of my fabric went into plastic bins (see photos in 2nd file), and unless you have an warranty objection for some reason, that's how they will remain stored. To customers who want to install themselves, use quality power tools; we have a Black & Decker lithium ion screwdriver which made attaching the clips a breeze, and we chose to purchase a reasonably priced electric hammer drill made by Ridgid, with a 100' drop cord, because it's a real hassle when you are ?in the zone? and your battery dies!

Last but not least, when we purchased our 50 year old remodeled home in May 2010, we realized that the previous owner had installed "sale" windows, and also that there was no other hurricane protection at all(a big no-no). Our Citizens Property insurance first year premium was $1467.00. So once completed and inspected by the City building inspector, I submitted all the engineering data and the link to your website to the wind mitigation inspector & to our agent, as well as the pictures I have attached. Today I heard from our agent, and she received the new endorsement from Citizens. Your product has received an "A" rating, and we're receiving a pro-rated refund for the remainder of this year. In May, our new premium will be $945.00, a $522 savings! That rocks! The best rating for protection, and a 36% savings!

Again, Yehuda, thank you so much! If we can ever be of assistance to you with customers here in Sarasota, feel free to call us. You are, of course, free to use any or all of this letter, or our pictures, if needed.
All the best,

Sarah & Mark Triton
Sarasota FL


Sarah & Mark Triton

Sarasota FL